Air ServiceFlexible and Competitive Optimal Service

Provides a wide range of air products tailored to the service level and price desired by customers Provides real-time cargo information Provides consulting services tailored to the characteristics of cargo by aviation experts at each branch Provides fast and accurate air transportation services through various route development and strategic alliances with airlines

  • One stop Air Cargo Service
  • Consolidation Service
  • Door to Door Service
  • Sensitive Cargo Handling (Project, Bulk, D/G)
  • Re forwarding Service
  • Air & Sea / Triangle Trade Service
  • Aircraft Charter Service

Ocean ServicePreferential Service Contract with Shipping Company

Efficient and flexible service for the entire process, such as pick up, stuffing, and loadingConsulting service tailored to the characteristics of cargo by marine experts at each branchIn case of natural disasters, Provides advance alert service in case of transportation delays due to accidents or terrorism.Provides fast and accurate maritime transportation services through various route development and shipper partnershipsProvides integrated transportation insurance service

  • FCL Container Service
  • LCL Consolidation Service
  • Sensitive Cargo Handling (Project, Bulk, D/G)
  • Re forwarding Service
  • Sea & Air / Triangle Trade Service
  • SOC Container

Trucking ServiceInternational Transportation Linkage Optimization Service

Provides various ranges of transport products based on door to door serviceProvides real-time cargo information and PODProvides consulting services tailored to cargo characteristics by In Land experts at each branch Providing inexpensive and speedy land transport services through development of various console routes and strategic alliances with transport companies

  • Air / Ocean / Rail Connection Trucking Service
  • Truck Consolidation Service
  • South China One Stop Service (via HKG)
  • Sensitive Cargo Handling (Project, Bulk, D/G)
  • Air Sus / Low Bed Special Trucking Service

Warehouse ServiceInfrastructure with Specialized Latest Facilities

Provides sorting and storage services according to the characteristics of customers and cargoProvides constant temperature and humidity servicesProvides consulting services tailored to cargo characteristics by warehouse experts Provide perfect security service (56 CCTVs, 24-hour security guards)Prevention of wrong shipment through WMS and prompt delivery service

  • Air Export Cargo Build Up
  • Air Import Cargo Break Down
  • Ocean Cargo Stuffing
  • Import Cargo Distribution
  • Storage, Inventory
  • Value Added Service
  • Trucking Connecting Service (Local & Cross Border)

Customs ServiceOffers Optimal Customs Service

Provision of consulting service through customs clearance experts at each branchProviding information such as fast-changing trade trends, preparation of documents in accordance with international regulations, FTA benefits, customs deferment, etc.Handling related to special customs clearance such as comprehensive bonded area Triangle Trade, duty-free indicators, one day trip, operation of bonded warehouses, etcReduce delivery time with emergency cargo pre-clearance and emergency clearance solutionsProvide customs clearance solutions for all cargoes, including project cargo, chemicals, living animals and exhibits

  • Full Customs Service
  • Exp. Customs Service
  • Customs Matter
  • Customs Consulting
  • Regional Service

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